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When he sang on his little sister's bride chamber he didn't even know that the people of Kerala around the world is going to call him "Big Musical father "
Yes he was invited by a top rated Television channel in Kerala (Flowers  TV) his songs fascinated the people of Malayalam(regional language of the state of Kerala, India)  speaking people around the globe 
This priest is a need of the present time simply because he stands for unity of his  nation based on the Hindu culture. Even being a catholic priest, 1st Rank holder in Music from Kerala University said in the  Channel Programme , that we all Indians are Hindu in culture though different in religion. So such personalities are inevitable for the harmonious growth of our nation. So We believe he needs to be specially acknowledged for his great contribution to the harmony and integrity of  the great nation.

 Father Wilson Mecheril, a member of Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament MCBS has become a “Big Music Father” of social media.

Posted by a buddy, the belting out of the evergreen song- “sangeethameamarasallapame” meaning ‘oh! Music, immortal colloquy……’ from the Malayalam movie – SARGAM (1992) by Fr. Wilson, on the occasion of the betrothal of his little sister went viral in social media. More than half a million people watched the video post in less than five days after it was uploaded in YouTube!

The singing priest is doing his research and post-graduate studies in music at Vienna-Austria, was in Kerala for vacation. Observing the video post going viral in social media, Flowers Media –a 24-hour Malayalam general entertainment television channel invited him to its most popular reality show, ‘comedyulsavam’ (comedy festival) as the guest for the programme telecasted on 06 October 6.

The singing priest was greatly applauded for his baritone voice and talented singing. Tiny Tom, Guinness Pakru and Bijukuttan, the judges of the programme stood up clapped their hands in excitement. ‘Music is a boundless gift from God and it surpasses the fences of religion, caste, gender or color’, said Fr. Wilson in his answer to the anchor who asked him why he a song from the Hindu background.

He expressed his gratitude to God for the gift of music and indebted to Flower channel for the fortuitous chance to meet the audience.

Fr. Wilson had proved his competency in the seminary days and so he was sent by the congregation for graduate studies in Swathi Thirunnal Music Academy, Thiruvanandapuram and came out with first rank in music from Kerala University.

He is a great admirer of Gana Gandharvan (The Celestial Singer) K. J Yesudas a great musician and film playback of India.

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