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Pope Francis to Families: You Can Help God Achieve His Dream. August 30, 2018

Pope Francis to Families: You Can Help God Achieve His Dream......

Pope Francis appeared at Dublin's Croke Stadium to the sound of this song by Leonard Cohen. Thousands of families awaited him in the stadium, which has a capacity of 75,000 people. The party began with these dances... first by the little ones...

Pope Francis gave his address, explaining that life in the family is a source of…

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Pray for Kerala. August 16, 2018

Pray for Kerala........

Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil is asking us to repeat this Word of God and prayer for Kerala. Please pray and pass it on
*“അവിടുന്നു ഭൂമിയില്‍ കാറ്റു വീശി; വെള്ളം ഇറങ്ങി. അഗാധങ്ങളിലെ ഉറവകള്‍ നിലച്ചു; ആകാശത്തിന്റെ ജാലകങ്ങള്‍ അടഞ്ഞു; മഴ നിലയ്‌ക്കുകയുംചെയ്‌തു.”  *    …

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Seek Jesus Before Material things. Pope Francis. August 7, 2018

Seek Jesus Before Material Things

Pope Francis said, It is not wrong to be concerned with the daily necessities of life, but strengthening one’s relationship with Jesus is of far greater importance. The Lord invites us not to forget that if we need to worry about material bread, it is even more important to cultivate our relationship with him, to strengthen…


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Christeen, the Exclusive Retreat Center founded and operating for Children and Teens

There are many Catholic Christian Retreat and Renewal Centers functioning in different parts of the world. Most of the globally reputed Retreat Centers are situated in Kerala. Divine Retreat Center at Muringoor, Sehion Retreat Center at Attappadi, Marian Retreat Center at Anakkara are some of the famous retreat centers in Kerala.

While all these retreat/revival centers are established for the spiritual revival of people in general, 'Christeen' (Christ+Teens) Retreat Center at…


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അഴിച്ചു വെക്കേണ്ട പുറങ്കുപ്പായങ്ങൾ

വിശുദ്ധ യോഹന്നാൻറെ സുവിശേഷം 13 : 4 -5 വാക്യങ്ങൾ ഇങ്ങനെ വായിക്കും അവൻ എഴുന്നേറ്റ് മേലങ്കി മാറ്റി ഒരു തൂവാലയെടുത്ത് അരയിൽ കെട്ടി, അനന്തരം ഒരു താലത്തിൽ വെള്ളമെടുത്ത് ശിഷ്യന്മാരുടെ പാദങ്ങൾ കഴുകുവാനും അരയിൽ ചുറ്റിയിരുന്ന തൂവാല കൊണ്ട് തുടക്കുവാനും തുടങ്ങി.

നേതൃ നിരയിലുള്ളവരും അതിനായി ഒരുങ്ങുന്നവരും ഈ വചങ്ങൾ ഒന്ന് കൂടി വിചിന്തനം ചെയ്യുന്നത് നന്നാവും. പലപ്പോഴും നമ്മുടെ കൂട്ടായ്മകളും സംഘടനകളും ഇഴഞ്ഞു നീങ്ങാൻ കാരണം നേതൃത്വം, അധികാരത്തിന്റെ പുറങ്കുപ്പായം മാറ്റിവെച്ച് കൂട്ടാളികൾ സഞ്ചരിച്ച വഴികൾ…


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Jesus said Follow Me. May 9, 2018

Jesus Said Follow Me..........
I am the vine and you are the branches. As long as you remain in me and I in you, you bear much fruit; but apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:1).

A woman went to the Priest and said, I won't be attending Church anymore.. 

He said, may I ask why??

She said, I see people on their…


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Love is not just what we see in Movies. Pope Francis. May 7, 2018

Love is Not Just what We See in Movies--It Takes Work......... 

Love is not empty words or what is depicted in romantic films – it is action and service toward others, Pope Francis said. Love is not what they say in movies... Love is not playing violins, all romantic. No, love is work. Love shows itself in works, not in words." Sometimes people might think that love is what they see between a couple in a…


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Am I Free or Am I A Slave to My Passions? Pope Francis. April 15, 2018

Am I Free or Am I A Slave to my Passions?

In his homily the Pope explained the struggle for true freedom is inside of everyone. Am I free, or am I a slave to my passions, ambitions, riches, or passing fancies?  Pope Francis highlighted that one must strip himself or herself of worldly ambitions if he or she wants to control his or her destiny. 

The free man is not afraid…


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Looking at Christ Crucified Heals our Poisoned Hearts. Pope Francis. April 3, 2018

Looking at Christ Crucified Heals our Poisoned Hearts......

Pope Francis invites us to look at a Crucifix when we are depressed and tired out with life’s journey. His reflection was inspired by the first reading from the book of Numbers 21,4-9. The people were exasperated because of the long journey and were tired of eating the same food. They complained about the food saying they would die in…


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Vigil of Easter. April 1, 2018

Vigil of Easter.....

In the early Church, Holy Saturday was also known as Great Saturday, Grand Saturday, and Angelic Night. It was also the only Saturday in which fasting was permitted. There are four parts to the Easter Vigil:
THE CEREMONY OF FIRE:  The fire represents God's power. It brings life and death, but tonight it represents life overcoming the darkness of death. The Paschal…

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Pope Francis: In Praying the "Our Father" Do You Know Who you are Talking to? March 21, 2018

In Praying the “Our Father”, Do you Know Who You are Talking To?

Pope Francis spoke about the importance of the recitation of the “Our Father” at Mass, asking if when we pray it, we understand who we are praying to and the relationship we are called to have with him.  How many times there are people who say, ‘Our Father,’ but do not know what they say!” the Pope said. Do you feel that when you say ‘Father,’ that he is…


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The Soul is God's Temple, not Your Own. March 5, 2018

The Soul is God’s Temple, Not your Own..............

Pope Francis said: Like Jesus cast out the merchants from the temple in Jerusalem, we should drive the desire for personal gain and advantage from our hearts, replacing it with love. We are called to keep in mind those strong words of Jesus: ‘Do not make a market of my Father’s house.’ They help us to reject the danger of making our soul,…


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Pope Asks those who fast to also live with Christian Coherence. Feb 24, 2018

Pope asks those who fast to also live with “Christian coherence”

Pope Francis asked Christians who fast to do so in a humble manner and allow this to translate into their treatment of others. 

Does my fast help others? If it does not it's fake, it's inconsistent and it takes you on the path to a double life, pretending to be a just Christian - like the Pharisees or the Sadducees. Inside, though, I…


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Three Pillars of Lent. Feb 21, 2018

Three Pillars of Lent........

The three pillars of Lent are very concrete: Prayer, Fasting and almsgiving (acts of charity).

Lent is not pietistic pie-in-the-sky-time. It is realistic down-to-earth time. It's about ashes and the Cross. It is about money, food, and how we spend our time. It's about sin and sorrow. It's about life and death.

It seems strange that one of the…


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Pastors with Double Lives are Wound to the Church.Pope Francis. Jan 11, 2018

Pastors with double lives are wound to the Church

Pope Francis gave a strong homily at Casa Santa Marta. He reminded that priests who don't live their faith with coherence are a sore spot for the Church. 

It's bad to see pastors with double lives. It's a wound to the Church. Sick pastors, who have lost authority and carry on with this double life. Jesus is stern with them. He not only tells people…


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All of Mass is Important: Don't Be Late. Pope Francis. Jan 4, 2018

All of Mass is Important: Don’t Be Late!

Pope Francis stressed the importance of getting to Mass on time, noting that every piece is important, especially the opening Sign of the Cross, where we prepare as a community to worship God together. It is not a good habit to look and the clock and say: ‘I am in time, I will arrive after the sermon and with this fulfill the commandment,’” the Pope said.

The Mass begins with…

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Have Courage to Let Go of Grudges and Complaints. Pope Francis. Dc 13, 2017

Have Courage to Let Go of Grudges and Complaints........

Pope Francis said we must learn to let ourselves be consoled by the Lord, leaving behind our grudges and complaints. Reflecting on the day’s first reading from the prophet Isaiah, he said the Lord has come to console us. Just as the first disciples could hardly believe the joy of the Resurrection, we often find it hard to let ourselves be consoled by the miracles…


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The Mass Needs Silence, not Chit-chat. Pope Francis. Dec 4, 2017

The Mass Needs Silence, not 'Chit-Chat'............

Pope Francis called out the common habit of chatting with people around you before Mass, stressing that this is a time for silent prayer, when we prepare our hearts for an encounter with the Lord.

When we go to Mass, maybe we arrive five minutes before, and we start to chit-chat with those in front of us,” the Pope said Nov. 15. However, “it is…


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Are you Afraid of God? If So, You Don't Really Know who He is? Pope Francis. Dec 1, 2017

Are you Afraid of God? If So, You don't Really Know Who He Is..............

Pope Francis on Sunday cautioned against having a “mistaken” idea of God as harsh and punishing, saying this fear will end up paralyzing us and preventing us from doing good, rather than spreading his love and mercy.


In his speech, the Pope turned to the day's Gospel reading from Matthew, which recounts…

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It Hurts me to see them using mobile phones..... Pope Francis. Nov 11, 2017

It hurts me to see them using mobile phones in Mass (lay, priests and bishops).......

It bothers Pope Francis when people take photos of him with their mobile phones during Mass, especially if the person is a priest or bishop.

It upsets me when I celebrate Mass in the square or in the basilica and I see so many mobile phones in the air, not only…

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