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Vigil of Easter. April 1, 2018

Vigil of Easter.....

In the early Church, Holy Saturday was also known as Great Saturday, Grand Saturday, and Angelic Night. It was also the only Saturday in which fasting was permitted. There are four parts to the Easter Vigil:
THE CEREMONY OF FIRE:  The fire represents God's power. It brings life and death, but tonight it represents life overcoming the darkness of death. The Paschal…

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Pope Francis: In Praying the "Our Father" Do You Know Who you are Talking to? March 21, 2018

In Praying the “Our Father”, Do you Know Who You are Talking To?

Pope Francis spoke about the importance of the recitation of the “Our Father” at Mass, asking if when we pray it, we understand who we are praying to and the relationship we are called to have with him.  How many times there are people who say, ‘Our Father,’ but do not know what they say!” the Pope said. Do you feel that when you say ‘Father,’ that he is…


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The Soul is God's Temple, not Your Own. March 5, 2018

The Soul is God’s Temple, Not your Own..............

Pope Francis said: Like Jesus cast out the merchants from the temple in Jerusalem, we should drive the desire for personal gain and advantage from our hearts, replacing it with love. We are called to keep in mind those strong words of Jesus: ‘Do not make a market of my Father’s house.’ They help us to reject the danger of making our soul,…


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