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Let Yourself be Shaken by the Holy Spirit. Pope Francis. May 30, 2017

Let yourself be Shaken by the Holy Spirit........

Pope Francis emphasized that if one does not listen to the Holy Spirit, his or her heart is both cold and closed.

"Let yourself be shaken by the Holy Spirit: 'Eh, I felt this…  But Father, isn’t that being sentimental?' - No, it may be, but no. If you're on the right track, you're not being sentimental. 'I felt the urge to do this, to go to visit…


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A Costly Mistake. May 27, 2017

A Costly Mistake.........

O Lord, let me suffer anything rather than hurt others.

An intern's refusal to treat a 62 year old man was termed a "mistake" when the man died two days later. The deceased, refused admission to the hospital, was found dead in his bedroom, An autopsy showed the right side of his chest was filed with pus and the right lung was…

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God is Moved by our Sadness and Disappointment. Pope Francis. May 22, 2017

God is Moved by our Sadness and Disappointment, and Says our Name......

Pope Francis continued his weekly catechetical cycle on hope, this time centered on Mary Magdalene, the first person to see the risen Jesus. She had approached the tomb very depressed because she thought that the corpse had been stolen. Then, Jesus appeared to her. 

"How beautiful to think that the first appearance of the…


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Pope Francis in Fatima. May 16, 2017

Pope Francis in Fatima: God is not a ruthless judge restrained by Mary's arm

Pope Francis walked the Sanctuary's esplanade  to the "Capelinha", occasionally stopping to greet the young pilgrims or to collect their letters.

However, the festive atmosphere was instantly transformed as soon as the Pope sat in silence to pray before the image of Our Lady. The esplanade went quiet to accompany him in…


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