Am I Free or Am I A Slave to My Passions? Pope Francis. April 15, 2018

Am I Free or Am I A Slave to my Passions?

In his homily the Pope explained the struggle for true freedom is inside of everyone. Am I free, or am I a slave to my passions, ambitions, riches, or passing fancies?  Pope Francis highlighted that one must strip himself or herself of worldly ambitions if he or she wants to control his or her destiny. 

The free man is not afraid of time: he lets God do the work. He allows God to take His time. The free man is patient. [Gamaliel] was a Jew, not a Christian, and he had not recognized Jesus as the Savior. But he was a free man. He thought things out and offered his ideas to others who accepted them. Freedom is not impatient.

This is the freedom of someone who loves Jesus Christ. They are sealed with the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ. ‘You have done that for me, so I do this for you.’ Even in our own day, there are many imprisoned and tortured Christians, who possess the freedom to profess Jesus Christ. 

Today let us think about our freedom. We have three examples: Gamaliel, Peter and John, and Jesus. Do I possess Christian freedom? Let us reflect on our freedom in the midst of a ‘schizophrenic’ world. It shouts ‘Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!’ but is really more slave. Let us reflect on the freedom that God gives us in Jesus.

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