Christeen, the Exclusive Retreat Center founded and operating for Children and Teens

There are many Catholic Christian Retreat and Renewal Centers functioning in different parts of the world. Most of the globally reputed Retreat Centers are situated in Kerala. Divine Retreat Center at Muringoor, Sehion Retreat Center at Attappadi, Marian Retreat Center at Anakkara are some of the famous retreat centers in Kerala.

While all these retreat/revival centers are established for the spiritual revival of people in general, 'Christeen' (Christ+Teens) Retreat Center at Kalathipady near Kottayam is the only center (probably in the whole world) started and run exclusively for winning the souls of teens and pre-teens for Christ. Even though Christeen conducts regular retreats for all persons by prominent personalities, children's retreats and programs are always given priority here.

Here is the link of post published about Christeen Retreat Center 

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