Faith is Concrete because God became Man. Pope Francis . April 25, 2017

Faith is Concrete because God Became Man.........

Pope Francis spoke about the importance and concreteness of the faith. He said because God was made man, faith coincides with the strength and freedom given by the Holy Spirit.  
"Sometimes we forget that our faith is concrete: the Word has become flesh, no idea has been made: it has become flesh. When we recite the Creed, we all say concrete things: 'I believe in God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, I believe in Jesus Christ who was born, who died...', these are all concrete things. Our Creed does not say, 'I believe I must do this, that I must do this, that I must do this or that things are for this...' no! These are concrete things. The concreteness of faith that leads to frankness, to the testimony of martyrdom, which is against compromises or the idealization of faith."

"So they were fooled into this rationalistic mentality, which is not over with them, huh? Because in the history of the Church many times, it is the Church that condemned rationalism, the Enlightenment, then many times fell into a theology of 'can and cannot', 'up to here, up there.' It forgot the strength, the liberty of the Spirit, this resurrection from the Spirit that gives you the freedom, the frankness of the sermon, the proclamation that Jesus Christ is the Lord."

"We ask the Lord for this experience of the Spirit that goes and comes and leads us forward, the Spirit that gives us the anointing of faith, the unity of the concreteness of faith: The wind blows where it wants and you hear the voice, but you do not know where it is from or where it goes. So it is whoever is born of the Spirit: he hears the voice, follows the wind, follows the voice of the Spirit without knowing where it will end. Because he made an option for the concreteness of faith and rebirth in the Spirit. The Lord gives us all this Easter Spirit, to go on the ways of the Spirit without compromise, without rigidity, with the freedom to proclaim Jesus Christ as He came: in flesh."

He concluded saying the Lord gives an Easter Spirit, to continue in the ways of the Spirit without compromise and with the freedom to proclaim that Jesus Christ came in the flesh.

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