How to Face Life's Difficulties. Pope Francis. July 11, 2017

How to Face Life's Difficulties.......

Pope Francis explained that God understands that life is hard, but at the same time, invites people not to remain stuck in the difficulties and problems that afflict the heart.

Many times, when faced with one of life's burdens or a situation that causes us pain, we try to talk to someone who listens to us, with a friend or an expert... Though this does a lot of good, let's not forget Jesus! Let us not forget to open ourselves to Him and tell Him our life, to entrust people and situations to Him.

Pope Francis said people must not only leave themselves and share their problems, but that they must do so with the person who can help best: Christ. He also invited those to open up the darkest areas of their life that God's light has not yet entered. To achieve this, the pope offered valuable advice.

"If anyone has this dark area, seek Jesus. Go to a missionary of mercy, go to a priest, go... but go to Jesus and tell this to Jesus. He says to each one of us: 'Courage, do not surrender to the burdens of life, do not close yourself when confronted with fears and sins, but come to Me!'”

Pope Francis concluded the morning by recalling that God always hopes, and does not magically fix people's problems, but helps them become stronger in the face of adversity.

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