Let Yourself be Shaken by the Holy Spirit. Pope Francis. May 30, 2017

Let yourself be Shaken by the Holy Spirit........

Pope Francis emphasized that if one does not listen to the Holy Spirit, his or her heart is both cold and closed.

"Let yourself be shaken by the Holy Spirit: 'Eh, I felt this…  But Father, isn’t that being sentimental?' - No, it may be, but no. If you're on the right track, you're not being sentimental. 'I felt the urge to do this, to go to visit that sick man, or change my life or leave this...' Feeling and discerning: to discern what my heart feels, because the Holy Spirit is the master of discernment. A person who does not have these movements in his heart, who does not discern what is happening, is a person who has a cold faith, an ideological faith. His faith is an ideology, all here.” 

With Pentecost less than one week away, he asked individuals not only to ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit, but also for "our Church, our community, our parish, our family.” "What place does the Holy Spirit have in my life?Am I able to hear it? Am I able to ask for inspiration before taking a decision or doing something? Or is my heart quiet, lacking in emotion and turmoil?” "Even in the Gospels there are 'still' hearts. We think of the doctors of the law, they believed in God, they knew all the commandments, but their hearts were closed, they were 'still,' they were not disturbed."

Ask the Spirit to give you the grace to distinguish good from less good, because it is easy to distinguish good from evil.”

"Let us too ask for the grace of being able to hear what the Spirit says to our Church, to our community, to our parish, to our family, and for the grace to learn the language with which to understand.”

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