Love is not just what we see in Movies. Pope Francis. May 7, 2018

Love is Not Just what We See in Movies--It Takes Work......... 

Love is not empty words or what is depicted in romantic films – it is action and service toward others, Pope Francis said. Love is not what they say in movies... Love is not playing violins, all romantic. No, love is work. Love shows itself in works, not in words." Sometimes people might think that love is what they see between a couple in a film, but love is actually found in “always working for others,” Francis said.

Referencing the day’s Gospel, he invited Catholics to strive to remain in God’s love, looking into the heart and asking themselves: “Do I remain in the love of the Lord or [do I] go out to look for other amusements and conduct of life?” For example, if you speak badly of others, then you do not have love, the pope said, inviting Catholics to pray to the Lord for help to remain in his love and to serve others well. Follow the example of Jesus, who gave his life as a servant, he said. Because the Lord always loves first, “love is always first.”

Pope Francis’ homily was given during a Mass which was part of a pastoral visit to a parish in the Tor de’ Schiavi neighborhood of Rome. Before Mass, Francis inaugurated the new “House of Joy,” a day center for people with disabilities on the parish property, run by Caritas International.  “I was at the ‘House of Joy,’” the pope commented during his homily, “but for me it is also the House of Love.”

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